Parish Councils and Committees

Parish Council - Diane McDermott, chairperson

The Holy Name Parish Pastoral Council meets every month in the church auditorium to review and discuss programs and issues related to parish life. Meetings begin at 6:00pm and are currently scheduled on the first Tuesday of the month from September through May.

Finance Board - Joe Gigante, chairperson

The Holy Name Finance Board meets throughout the year with the pastor to review and manage parish finances.

Liturgy Committee

The Holy Name Liturgy Committee is a team of 5 individuals who work together to help the pastor with the planning and implementation of masses and special liturgical programs and events.

Hospitality Committee - Connie Ransom, chairperson

The Holy Name Hospitality Committee coordinates all church meals, coffee and donuts after mass on Sundays, picnics, family nights etc. They work very hard to make sure that everyone who comes to Holy Name feels like they are part of the parish family.

Building Committee - Derrell Clem, chairperson

The Holy Name Building Committee handles all buildings and grounds related planning, maintenance and repairs.

Haitian Sister Parish Committee - Gwen Blount

Holy Name is proud to be a member of the Parish Twinnings program. It is through this program that we are united with Saint Antoine in Cornillon, Haiti. Please see our Saint Antoine tab for more information. Our sister parish committee helps keep our parish community updated on the needs and status of Saint Antoine and also coordinates fundraisers and events to educate as well as help to provide for some of Saint Antoine's needs.

Stewardship Committee - Lauren Folk

Works to support and encourage the tradition of sharing our Time, Talent and Treasure as family members of Holy Name parish.